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Storm Shelter Doors

Can Your Storm Shelter Door withstand this treatment?

Watch the next generation of Granger Inground Storm Shelter doors under go the FEMA 320 ....AND the FEMA 361 testing at the Texas Tech University's Wind Science and Engineering Research Center.  The Granger Storm Shelter is an underground Tornado Shelter. This being said it only needed to be tested to FEMA 320 standards. The Tornado Shelter door not only meets or exceed FEMA 320 standards, it also meets the Above Ground Safe Room criteria by exceeding the FEMA 361 standards.  

The same door passed (2) tests, being impacted (3) times by a 15 pound 2 x 4 at 67 mph, then seeing an additional (3) impacts, by a 15 pound 2 x 4 at 100 mph. The second test was unnecessary due to the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter being an underground unit, but went forward with the more grueling test anyway to display Granger's commitment to safety, innovation and quality. This is all just another example of why Granger Plastics produces the best tornado shelter available for single family consumers. If you are looking for a Georgia Tornado Shelter, Granger Plastics has been manufacturing Tornado Shelters for over 15 years currently and offers the best storm shelter on the market. Even gaining international attention as early as 10 years ago from Internationally recognized publications such as Plastics News, USA Today and a number of news channels and media outlets across the country! So I will ask you again...Can your storm shelter withstand this treatment?

Below are a few sample pictures of Storm Shelter Doors with Color Upgrade Options

Georgia Tornado Shelters