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Tornado Shelter



When most consumers are considering the purchase of a Tornado Shelter, they are taking a conscious effort in providing the safest environment possible for their family. For many, purchasing a Safety Shelter is an investment into their families safety for many years to come. Why would you invest in a storm shelter that may leak, crack or float? When you are ready to purchase a tornado shelter, you are looking for a safe place to go. When you invest your money into a storm shelter it should be a long term investment, not something that will last around 5-10 years. Trust that when you purchase a Granger Plastics Storm Shelter you are purchasing a solid unit that has a life expectancy range of 500-1000 years.

Georgia Tornado Shelters

Tornado Shelters come with varying features. Some Tornado shelters offer basic protection without offering any "comfort amenities" such as lighting, seating or carpet. Some shelters do not even offer the spacing for any occupants to stand in! The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter is not only one of the most durable Tornado Shelters in the industry, it also offers a complete array of features and amenities.

Underground Storm Shelters Features

The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter has industry leading features that no other Underground Shelter has including.

  • FEMA 320 specification exceeding Storm Shelter door
  • Double Wall, 1/2" thick (each wall) Polymer Construction
  • 3 Step Molded Entrance (Not a Ladder Style Entrance!)
  • Articulating Handrails to assist entry to Storm Shelter
  • Battery operated LED lighting system included!
  • Lifetime warranty against cracking, leaking and floating!
  • Molded in circular seating
  • Gas assisted shocks for easy door opening & closing
  • 3 point locking system for extra security!
  • Carpet
  • Molded in 4" ventilation
  • Rotationally Molded Vent Cap
  • 500+ year life span!
  • No anchoring required for typical installations!

  • The Granger Tornado Shelter has the combination quality features and extremely durable construction. The polymer material that makes up the Tornado Shelter, is one of the most durable and toughest materials on the planet. The polyethylene construction of the Tornado Shelter, make the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter the only shelter your family will ever have to purchase! The Granger ISS is another shining example of Granger Plastics commitment to innovation and safety! No other Tornado Shelter manufacturer has the world class engineering expertise that Granger Plastics has! Granger has provided international solutions for some of the World's leading companies and industries! The Granger Tornado Shelter is another innovation being engineered, produced and assembeled by Granger Plastics!