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Roofing Projects

Shown below are just a few of our unique, award winning CertainTeed ShingleMaster roofing projects throughout the Southeast.  All CertainTeed shingle warranties include SureStart coverage, which offers protection against manufacturing defects during the critical early years after installation.  SureStart cover the cost of materials and labor required to repair or replace any shingle proven defective.

For more information about CertainTeed Roof Projects and our exclusive ShingleMaster warranty call us today!


All American Exteriors is certified by VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute) Trade Association to install CertainTeed CedarBoard insulated siding, CertainTeed Monogram siding & JamesHardie fiber cement siding.  CertainTeed CedarBoard siding offers complete comfort - both in performance qualities and enviromental benefis.  You'll enjoy warmth, quiet, durability and beauty - and the knowledge that you achieve it all with a "green" product choice  


All American Exteriors offers our Everclean Gutter System. It is completely enclosed and protects your gutters. Rainwater flows over and around the nose of the Everclean Gutter System and migrates downward into your gutters by the simple physical law of water surface tension. The Everclean Gutter System is the best value on the market; no other competitor will offer the same lifetime warranty and peace of mind provided by the Everclean Gutter System.

In addition to our exclusive Everclean Gutter System, we offer half round gutters, round downspouts, copper gutters, K-style 6" and 5" gutters. No matter the need that arises, All American Exteriors can handle your gutter installation. 


All American Exteriors offers full service Residential & Commercial Painting using only the best Sherwin-Williams Duration Coating for a lifetime of protection.  For unmatched durability and hide, Duration Coating goes beyond Paint. With PermaLast Technology and infused acrylic co-polymers that make it far more durable than even the most premium exterior paint Duration has a 70% higher film build and provides a thicker, more flexible layer which results in better hide and extreme protection from peeling and blistering.